~6% declining student population in 1 year, yet a 38% increase in funding

In spite of a growing demographic, NSD shrunk from 23,981 in 2019-20 to 22,626 in 2021-22 (NSD source doc on enrollment data & teacher numbers as compared to the published Annual Report)

Yet NSD wants a 38% bond & levy increase?!

...and before the nay-sayers tout these facts to be false...check out Slide 9 of the Board's linked materials, clearly showing that student counts at 22.4k. Yet the District insists on falsifying enrollment data for Bond/Levy advertising by stating 23.4k?! Why the continued dishonesty?? PowerPoint Presentation (boarddocs.com)


Bond financing isn't disclosed by the district - you should know it adds $155M in fees & interest!

Look how the 2022 future financing of the requested $425M Bonds will continue to tax families out of their homes! In 2039 (in 17 years), the deferred payments will cripple locals & tax them out of their homes. This does not even address the staggering impact of compounded values from prior and subsequent bonds voted in every 4 years.

The District used 3% to project expenses. In 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, we had a 0.9% inflation rate and in 2021 it was 6.6%! We all know inflation is a major concern of our economy, yet knowingly, the District opted to mislead us with overly optimist rates of 3%.

Fees and taxes on top of $425M are a staggering $155M.

In the 2nd chart below, you will see the blue section that already accounts for ~$30M a year in fees and interest.

Why is the Estimated Property Tax chart so choppy, you ask? Excellent question. Note the timing of the Bond and Levy special elections every 4 years. Next vote is set for 2026, with a following year forecast of lower values...just enough gap to layer on top the next round of bonds so the tax payer doesn't see a sudden fee hike! This is the bond manipulation that the District does to try to pull the wool over our eyes. Better luck next time NSD!

The District opted for the max tax while shutting down schools and making parents teachers again, resulting in their reduced ability to work

Capital Bond Public Task Force recommended $275M, but the Board ignored those efforts and judgment and went with $425M to modernize all the schools in 4 years...even achievable?

A swimming pool for $48M is in the 3rd tier of priorities, but not eliminated from the list. All spending is at the discretion of the Board...with barely a 50% public approval rating. Do you trust the Board to act as a good custodian of your taxes?

Pg 2-5 outlines the pragmatic recommendation that was ignored and the max is being asked of us. This PDF document is the prose version of the recommendation.

2018 Tech Levy was wasted. trust them to spend $80M with sole sourced vendors?

Trust is key. Last levy they spent $19.7M on tech training for teachers (with no published data to support exactly how that was spent). That's $16k per teacher! A community college degree costs only $8k. What did our teachers learn?! Is YOUR teacher a qualified tech-savvy person? If not, where did the money go?

Only $1.9M was spent on student devices. If every child got a new Chromebook every 4 years, we would only need to spend $5.5M.

If we did competitive bids & didn't pay Micro K12 $346 per device (when you can pick them up for under $250). Sole sourced contracts MUST STOP!

This district is simply NOT FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE. They are awful custodians of our hard-earned dollars!

BoardDocs® Pro.pdf

Contractors & union have a vested interest in the bloated budget

(check back soon to see how they are fully funding the promotion of the bonds & levies & why)

What they promised in 2018 is repeated in 2022 - where did the money go? We need accountability.

Compare the 2022 voter pamphlet statements with the 2018 statements...they are asking for a LOT of the same. So what did they do with all the prior spending? Great question. Look at the bloated compensations.

2018 voter pamphlet northshore.pdf

Special Education Students are falling away...not being invested in or cared for appropriately!

The enrollment drop for children in Special Education was even more significant. When NSD stopped providing necessary services many kids with disabilities either dropped out of the failing system or were missed altogether. Loss of interventions, particularly for the youngest learners, will have significant, dire, long-term consequences for these children.
data from https://www.k12.wa.us/policy-funding/school-apportionment/safs-report-api

  • Over 5000 SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN in our district have been LEFT BEHIND as a result of the school closures. Only 38 received in-person services from March 2020-March 2021, and many still haven't received any recovery services!

  • 19.1% of students with disabilities DROPPED OUT of the FAILED SYSTEM when services were not delivered. Parents are moving, homeschooling, or finding different ways to meet their needs...yet still paying taxes to the district!

  • According to McKinsey & Company and the NWEA, LEARNING LOSS from school closures left students 4-5 MONTHS BEHIND on average, and students with disabilities, low income, and other disadvantaged students fared even worse!

  • 80% of students with MENTAL HEALTH and BEHAVIOR HEALTH disabilities rely on school-based services. District leaders pulled their services then IGNORED parents begging for help!

Compensation Fact Sheet

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Financial summary data

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