Next VOTE coming FEB 8, 2022 - YOU are a taxpayer! YOUR vote matters!

  • In the midst of shutting down schools again, requiring parents to be teachers again, & reducing their ability to work, Northshore School District wants to raise funding 38% on the backs of taxpayers...even with declining enrollment (less students yet more money? It doesn't add up).

  • This year NSD wants $925M:

  • These are not replacement bonds and levies...these are increases. They claim flat tax rate...true, but 1% of $100 = $1 & house values increase since 4 years ago, so 1% of $200 = $2. House value goes up, so does your tax.

  • The percentage of your total property taxes that fund NSD are 56% (King County) & 67% (Snohomish County)

  • School levies and bonds tax ALL properties, not just homeowners. All homes, apartments, businesses, vacant land etc. Renters also pay - the landlord will raise your rent to help pay for this.

  • Bonds come with fees & interest. The fees & interest for the 2018 20yr bond ($100M that we are still paying) + 2022 21yr bond on the ballot ($155M) = $255M for no child benefit

Superintendent (>$400k) takes home 2x Governor ($170k)

NSD Superintendent takes home 2.5 times the cash as compared to our State Governor

Myth of UNDERPAID teacher salaries...$135k median. Teachers are being paid much more than the District medians!

The median compensation for teachers in Northshore is >$135K in salary and benefits. Well in excess of medians for the district in which they work! in 2 years the Union is scheduled for the next round of negotiations...more excessive increases! These taxes fund these increases.

Compared to 2020 census data, the median incomes are far less for those footing the bill! Check out your zip code medians here
Snohomish County median: $87k

King County Median: $95k

Bothell: $100k

Kenmore: $110k

Kirkland: $117k

Maltby: $125k

Woodinville: $106k

Top heavy with 6 highly compensated deputy superintendents

Seattle School District has 2 deputies with 55k students. NSD has 6 with 22k students.

Bloated Compensation

Year over year the raises excessively outpace inflation. How does this compare to your annual raise? You are paying for these raises with these bonds & levies. The funding all goes into the general fund, where 85% goes to compensation.

Per pupil cost ~$19k

Expenditures outpace inflation, while academic outcomes have largely stayed flat. NSD families: are your children getting a $19k a a year quality education?

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