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  • McCleary decision - what does it mean? Bottom line: state to fully fund education. Property taxes for schools should have gone down for Bonds/Levies, but instead both have sharply increased! Hence McCleary 2.0 lawsuit happing now! In fact, since the passing of the McCleary Decision, the EP&O levy is actually supposed to be called an "Enhancement" levy. These are new, proposed levies. The passing of these proposed levies will result in new and higher taxes. The District is not providing citizens with a transparent accounting of the proposed tax measures.

  • OSPI's F196 data (actual budget numbers) for 2020-2021 available here

  • The individual PDF reports for each district are accessible here

  • Salaries for the governor and other public offices

  • Zip code median income here

  • Washington State School Personnel - School Year 2020-2021 (Updated January 5, 2022)

  • King County Tax Transparency Tool provides insights about where your property taxes go. It is not quite working yet for these Feb measures (as of 1/9/22) but should be soon. Good reference article here

  • Inflation calculator from the Bureau of Labor & Statistics

  • Bond & Levy Sep 2021 Board planning session - shows rates and district calculations that we have leveraged. 9-13-21 NSD Board Study Session and 9-17-21 NSD Board Study Session

  • All data charts

Historical Compensation Information

  • All compensation data are from the OSPI’s S275 reports.

  • District Admin. includes duty titles of Deputy/Assist. Supt., Director/Supervisor, Other District Admin.

  • Principal includes duty titles of Elementary Principal, Secondary Principal

  • Teacher includes duty titles of Elem. Homeroom Teacher, Elem. Specialist Teacher, Other Teacher, Secondary Teacher

  • Total Salary (Cash) = Base Salary + Supplemental Salary

  • Total Compensation = Total Salary + Insurance Benefits + Mandatory Benefits

  • Mandatory Benefits include pension funding and payroll taxes

  • Inflation data source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U)

important definitions

  • AV is Assessed Value : It is what you are taxed on - no matter what Zillow says.

  • SFR is Single Family Residence (as used in the samples for 'what am I paying' charts): where SFR = Properties not including apartments or condos.